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3 quick tips for organising your accounting

Friday, March 18, 2016

When you’re running your own business, it’s super important to be on top of your accounting. It can be easy to let it slide for a little while, only to end up with a massive headache down the track. Avoid getting yourself in a bind and adopt these three quick and easy tips for organising your accounting.

1. Separate your bank accounts

Avoid mixing business and private bank accounts – it will be much easier to locate and record all your business transactions that way.

2. Avoid cash

Using cash for business transactions is not ideal as records of the transaction can easily get missed.

3. Track customer debts

Implement an accounts payable process that tracks unpaid and overdue customer invoices so you can follow up promptly. It’s amazing how many businesses do not know who owes them money!

These quick, easy tips will save you time, money and stress, freeing you up to get back to business! For more help getting your accounts organised, get in touch with SWAG Bookkeeping today.

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