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SWAG Bookkeeping

Well, its time to tell you about myself. I was born in Southern California to a Californian mother and Texan father. I spent my adolescent summers in Texas with my father and ended up marrying a Texan. I had two children and raised them in Texas. They are grown and have started their own families of their own. In 2014, I sailed away in our sailboat for the Caribbean.

My husband, our little dog, Schooner, and I have been sailing around the Western Caribbean for the past five years. I got a little bored and started working online. I know that sounds crazy but it makes me happy. I am currently in Guatemala preparing to leave our boat and fly back to Texas for the summer or longer. Time to visit family and especially the grandson.

So what is my background? I first got my degree in Finance. I had thought I wanted to be a financial adviser but working in the field I quickly realized it wasn’t a great fit for me. I then went to work for a State hospital in Texas with their WIC Program. Later, I moved into their records department, as the financial coordinator.

The hospital was damaged in a hurricane and three-quarters of us were laid off. Turned out, it happened at a great time; my father needed me for medical reasons. After caring for him, I decided to return to school.

We always planned to go cruising when the kids were out on their own. I had a few years before that happened so I took the opportunity to get my degree in Sociology. I felt I could work with nonprofits in some of the countries we visit on our boat.

I enjoy being a Minimalist Gypsy. I hope to maintain this lifestyle for another five years. I want to continue traveling by land and sea.