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Where in the World is Sheree?

Tasmania is a great tourist destination. It is picturesque, rich in history, culinary delights and outdoor adventure opportunities. We recently traveled to Launceston to attend the wedding of a friend in his 80’s, reunited with the love of his life after 40 years of searching. A love story to touch your heart; to make you smile.

The reception at the Country Club was a veritable feast- way too delicious to exercise moderation, so come Sunday we were looking to do something a little more active. We had stayed overnight at Deloraine and opted for a tour of the Marakoopa Cave near Mole Creek. The temperature inside the caves is a constant 9 degrees all year round, so if you are planning to visit, it’s advisable to take something warm to wear.

We saw a few glowworms on the ceiling at the start of our tour, with our guide promising that we would see a lot more on the way out once our eyes had adjusted to the low level light in the cave. The cave features stalagmites, formed from water dripping from the straw like stalactites above, underground streams and glittering flowstone formations. It is quite beautiful and incredibly amazing when you appreciate just how many years it takes to create these formations. We did indeed see many more glowworms on our return.

We stopped for breakfast in Mole Creek at Café Bozzey. No bacon and eggs but the Devon tea was a cheerful substitute. Generous, served with real cream and great coffee. The comfortable couch and armchairs added to the experience.

Café Bozzey is full of tourist information. There were various books on sale, some by a local author JH Fletcher. As luck would have it, he wandered in for a coffee while we were there, and we invited him to join us and to tell us about his writing. He is a man who followed his dream and has led a very interesting life. He also happens to be Ruby’s favourite author – Ruby being the mother of one of our group. We came away with an autographed copy of his latest book, feeling quite replete.

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