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Set up for success with professionally installed bookkeeping and payroll software.

The value of your bookkeeping and payroll software is largely determined by the way it’s set up. There’s little point investing in a quality program if you’re unable to use it to its full potential.

SWAG specialise in the installation and use of all the leading bookkeeping and accounting programs. We can help you set up a Chart of Accounts relevant to your business, assign appropriate tax codes, record opening balances and enter employee cards to ensure they receive correct payments and entitlements.

SWAG Bookkeeping has a great deal of experience working with:


MYOB is one of Australia’s most popular business accounting software programs, and is now available as both a desktop and online solution. A MYOB subscription covers regular upgrades with technical support just a phone call away, but there are various versions with different functionalities, so it’s important you identify what you need before you buy. We can help you select the best version for your business, and work out whether an online subscription is a good solution for you.


Xero is a relatively new, cloud-based product. It is of particular value to businesses that need to access their file anywhere at anytime, and for businesses that require multi-user access. Xero is paid for on a monthly basis (subscription style), which covers regular upgrades and technical support.

Reckon/Quickbooks Online

Previously badged as Quickbooks, Reckon is a common alternative to MYOB and operates in a similar way. Reckon have developed an online accounting module system, whereby you subscribe to the different components relevant to your particular needs – a customised solution. We recommend you consult with the SWAG team before purchasing, to ensure you select the most suitable product for you.


For simple bookkeeping needs, Excel can be sufficient. We can set up a spreadsheet for your business with basic formulas that we’ll teach you to use.

Contact SWAG and we’ll work out which bookkeeping and payroll software is right for your business.

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Swag Bookkeeping
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